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Anti-Bullying Program

Bullying is more prevalent than ever in our society. As martial arts instructors with over 20 years of experience, we have witnessed many kids walk into our schools as victim of bullying.

Empowering Kids to Stand Up to Bullying!

Our Three-Pronged Approach

1 - Empowering Students

The first prong focuses on empowering students with the tools and skills needed to react appropriately to bullying situations. This includes teaching them to stand up for themselves when faced with a bully. It emphasizes building personal resilience and assertiveness.

2 - Support for All

The second prong extends support and guidance to all parties involved in a bullying incident. This includes providing assistance and resources to those being bullied, addressing the needs and issues of the bully, and educating bystanders on how to respond effectively.

3 - Holistic Community Solution

The third prong involves creating a collaborative and holistic community solution to combat bullying. It emphasizes the crucial role of parents, instructors, and students in developing a strong and supportive relationship. This Jiu-Jitsu Connection is integrated into a larger, comprehensive approach to address bullying. It recognizes that children benefit from internal growth and practical skills, and acknowledges the importance of incorporating both internal and external measures for a truly effective and community-wide solution.

Don't know if your son is being bullied?

Here are some signs:

– Torn or ripped clothing

– Bruising, scratching, or other injuries

– Bed-wetting or other interruptions in typical sleep patterns and habits

– Reluctance or refusal to go to school

– Withdrawing from extracurricular activities

– Spending less time with friends

– Declining performance in academics

– Requesting more money than usual, especially without legitimate reasons as to why they need it

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