Gracie Barra Sandton Gets Premium School Status

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce that Gracie Barra Sandton has been given Premium School status by Gracie Barra International, becoming the first school in Africa to achieve this. 

Being a Gracie Barra Premium School means that as part of an annual audit, the school consistently meets all the requirements set by the Gracie Barra leadership to ensure that schools are aligned with Master Carlos Gracie Jr.’s philosophy and instruction standards.

These include having a safe training environment for everyone, a clean, quality facility, and highly qualified Gracie Barra certified and background-checked instructors. At GB Sandton we will strive to keep these standards up and to make sure all of our students get the best experience possible.



We have specific classes for kids, women only and adults, teaching fighting skills, anti bullying
techniques and self-confidence.

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