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BJJ Private Lessons

Ready to take your BJJ journey to the next level? Join us for BJJ private lessons and unlock your full potential!

What characterizes
our BJJ private lessons?


With BJJ private lessons, you will get many benefits as you’ll be able to have more attention for yourself and focus on specific things you want and need to improve in your technique. You will set goals and work towards them with one of our instructors, as you will have more time with them.

You can also make up for any missed classes, if you feel like you are getting behind, speeding up and maximizing your learning as you get instant feedback. This way you can gain a better understanding of specific areas of your BJJ game flow, as you get instant feedback.<br>

We always have our BJJ private lessons on flexible schedules. Plus, you can train with a friend with no additional cost!

Advantages in taking our BJJ private lessons

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BJJ private lessons can definitely add great value to your training. You will be more focused on yourself and have the time to do things at your own pace. This program is great for those who want to perfect their BJJ.

1 - Customized Workouts

Tailored training regimens that target your weaknesses, leading to improved performance when competing in group classes.

2 - Enhanced Accountability

One-on-one commitment enhances motivation and responsibility, ensuring a more dedicated and focused training experience.

3 - Improved Mind-Body Connection

Individual sessions foster a stronger mind-body connection, increasing awareness of body movements and ultimately enhancing technique.

4 - Personalized Progress

BJJ private lessons allow you to focus on yourself, ensuring that you can learn and develop at your own pace, making it an excellent choice for those striving to perfect their BJJ skills.



This was my first gym training back in South Africa. Had a great time with the team there mixed with some lighter and more heavy rolls. Thanks for welcoming me, look forward to visiting again soon.
Amazing training experience, very knowledgable coaching staff with a very friendly environment for new-comers and skilled fighters.
I absolutely love training here. The atmosphere is inviting, energetic and collaborative. The instructors give so much attention and explain and demonstrate techniques clearly, and every class we have the opportunity to apply techniques learned. If I had more time I'd be here every day!
I have just joined the Gracie Barra in Sandton and everyone has been extremely helpful and friendly throughout the process. The classes are top quality covering all the aspects I was looking for, and the facility is top quality as well. I rate the coaches extremely high in all aspects. Honoured to be training at this Barra. Thank you to the whole Gracie Barra Sandton team! Looking forward to many great classes, improving strength, fitness, health, technique and learning new skills.
The gym and the team supporting the gym have been awesome so far. The experienced rollers are all willing to share ideas and promote an atmosphere of having fun while learning. Facilities are always clean and hygienic.

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